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Kinetic mobile Kinetic mobile

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A new geometric sans-serif inspired by art

Light Italic


Marcel Duchamp came up with the term mobile to name the kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder. His wire and iron artworks had a playful design approach. He was able to fuse sculpture with the visual language of geometric abstraction.



Calder was not only concerned with the aesthetics of the mobile but also with the movement and spatial quality of it. He set sculpture into motion and established a new relationship between the object and the observer. The artist brought abstraction to life with an unpredicted rhythm. His sculptures have a light, soft and playful appearance. These qualities was something Kinetic try to bring into the design of type forms.



Geometry is visible in the artwork of Calder, but not in a mathematical manner. His mobiles include elementary asymmetric forms with blunt corners. This geometric irregularity is also present in Kinetic. Without being distracting for the reader, all the dots in the type family have different shapes. The endings of the strokes are slightly curved, which contribute to recreate irregular edges and soften the appearance of text both in print and on screen.



Useful, modern & comfortable to read

Bold Italic


Kinetic is a typeface family appealing for contemporary typographic use. The slightly curved terminals and the simplicity of the forms make for an inviting sans-serif, suitable for a wide range of applications.


Kinetic is a typeface family created by Noel Pretorius and María Ramos. One of the main sources of inspiration for the design was the art of Alexander Calder. He started working with moving sculptures in Paris at the beginning of the 1930’s. The light, playful and soft appearance of Calder’s mobiles was something the designers wanted to translate into type forms.


Short terminals


Playful proportions


Long ascenders


Large apertures


Single stroke


Curved edges

Kinetic is a geometric sans-serif that avoids strict design patterns. Although geometry is clearly present in the simple structure of the characters, optical corrections have been included and there is room for interpretation in the design of each particular character.

Kinetic is a crafted design that comes in 3 weights with italics. It is a text typeface that was created with the reader in mind. Kinetic is a functional and modern typeface that feels comfortable to read.

Kinetic is a typeface family appealing for contemporary typographic use, both on print and screen. The design is intended for a wide range of applications which include advertising, editorial design, and any corporate or art project.

→ For more information and images download the Press Package here.


Kinetic shows its high versatility and strength in this special edition of a printed booklet. The contents are structured in two different sections: the project and the specimen. The first part includes a short essay about the historical connection between art and type, and also brings up some examples of the use of geometry by typeface designers. The specimen displays samples of the different styles in use, shows the full character set and describes the key features in the design.

Get a copy of this limited edition here.


Art, type and geometry

Key features


Character set


Type in use

44 pages

Silver wire binding

Size: 170×230 mm

Cover: Tom&Otto Silk 300 g.

Pages: Scandia White 130 g.

Printed by Stream Nordic & Ineko (Sweden)


Kinetic Notes is a free app for creating text notes that allows you to use the typeface family Kinetic in your mobile phone. You can edit, highlight, delete and order your notes. Three Kinetic styles are available with the app: Regular, Italic and Bold. It also includes a custom keyboard that gives you access to a set of icons.

Get the app for free and try Kinetic in your phone.


Kinetic typeface family is available for desktop, web, and app use. Please select the type of licence that meets your needs. You can buy individual styles or one of the two packages we offer.

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NM Type

NM type is a collaborative project of two designers, Noel Pretorius (Sweden) and María Ramos (Spain). They met at Reading University while studying a master’s degree in Typeface Design and started to work together on what is their first typeface in the market, Kinetic.

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